The Recipe for a Powerful Dream Client Profile

Raluca Elena Rogoz
3 min readDec 7, 2022


- or why it is important to know for whom you bake -

Creating a powerful Dream Client profile is key to brand clarity.

Think about this: when you want to bake a banana bread, you know that you need some eggs, flour, baking powder, sugar and of course, bananas. You don’t „try” a recipe, you know for sure what you want to make and… you bake it. Why should branding be different?

The Audience

First of all, banana bread needs someone to enjoy it. In the same way, a brand cannot exist without an audience. Regardless of how meaningful its purpose is, of how burning are the societal issues it is addressing and solving, in the absence of engaged customers, a brand it’s not fully defined.

Now think of your custom banana bread. You may add some vanilla extract, pecan nuts, some slices of mango or, why not, maybe pink bananas. Your recipe, your picks. It’s the same in the branding process. (I’m no Nigella Lawson, but I’m sure she knows better how this works).

Bringing clarity around who your Dream Clients are functions like a navigation map throughout all your business touchpoints. But how do you reach this clarity? What does it take to shape a solid profile for your desired audience?

Bringing clarity around who your Dream Clients are functions like a navigation map throughout all your business touchpoints.

Start with what you have.

Find your Dream Client from within your client base where possible. Focus on those clients you absolutely adored working with and would love more of. How were they? What did you enjoy most working with them?

Think about those dream projects. What motivated those clients to choose your business? Why? What does work with you say about them? What would you like it to say?

If it helps you, start to think of your business like a recipe: you need some ingredients, some tools, a specific amount of time and a je ne sais quoi input (I mean your experience, your personal approach and so on). But you definitely know WHAT you want to do.

And most of all, you need to think who you are baking for. Now comes the real challenge. For whom are you baking? You can’t use regular flour if you bake a dessert for someone with gluten intolerance, right?

So, start asking yourself: who is your Dream Client?

The Dream Client Profile

Ta-daaam: I present to you The Dream Client Profile. Instead of trying to understand where someone lives or what their age is as an insight into how to create something that would appeal, think about what drives these people to make the decisions they do.

Focus on what is motivating your dream clients to do business with you and what you can learn from that.

It is not about the client who is willing to invest more, but the one who values your work!

Once you have created a coherent customer profile, you are now able to craft a distinctive brand, to write a customised copy and to create a meaningful connection with your audience.

A Dream Client profile is crucial. To find your Dream Client, also decide what your niche or focus is. If you want a Dream Client for a specific service you provide, you must first identify what services you are providing. And all this is a complex maths of your branding process.

A Dream Client profile is vital for your money, your time, and your efforts. And it will help position yourself away from your competitors,

Take a pen and write your own version of banana bread. Add and replace ingredients so they match what you want.

P.S.: please consider that banana bread is a metaphor for your brand, but, if I inspired you to actually bake one, send me a DM and I’ll gladly offer you my address for a slice 🙂



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