How to Transform Your Passion into a Profitable Business

Raluca Elena Rogoz
4 min readMay 2, 2022


You are giving the world a huge gift — your value and your creativity. Do not rob the rest of the world of your creative work.

People can copy what you do. But not who you are.

Only you have a unique gift to bring to the world — and that is your creative style. But how can you transfer a true passion, into a long-lasting, impact-driven brand? How can you transform it into a successful business? How can you put out there your talent?

By strengthening your trust muscle.

You are giving the world a huge gift — your value and your creativity. Do not rob the rest of the world of your creative work.

You too? So do I…

Most of us live our lives following a pretty specific formula (you know the „meet a guy, get married and have kids, etc.” kind of equation).

We don’t have any idea about how similar we are in the way we function as human beings. I love coffee. You? I love spending time in nature. Do you?

We are dancing around a generalist criterion in terms of how we make decisions, what we like, what we prefer, how we work and so on. „I like travel, books and art”. Sounds familiar? However, we are not cooking recipes. We are creative individuals, full of ideas and emerging power, ready to elevate. And this is where the benefit of differentiation comes in.

So, we may have the same interests, passions, or hobbies, but we are putting things in action very specific one from other. Take a look at photographers who capture the same landscape, each in a totally unique way. Take a look at business that provide the same category of products or services but are still distinctive. Take a look at poets who write about love, not two poems alike. But the question here is not if you are good enough for (insert here whatever career area you want). No. The question is how do you know you are ready to transform our passion into a profitable business?

How do I know what I am good at?

1. Look at you passions as a child

For years, as a child, I was told I was getting bored too soon and way too many times. Later, as I grew up and started investing into my personal development, I realised that it’s not boredom, but an innate desire of newness & knowledge. I am very curious. Therefore, I turned this curiosity into the cornerstone of my career. As a brand strategist & workshop facilitator, my role is to explore and go in the depths of my clients’ business, markets, and hidden places. Research and audit play a huge role in my work. And it’s precisely this detective that helps me most into my work.

2. And listen.

Simple. Efficient. Straightforward.

Really, listen to the people around you. Listen what they have to say about YOU and YOUR TALENTS. About what they love about your business and what they’d like to see more of. Listen to what those people who aren’t yet your clients are telling you. About what they needed to see from you, what they needed to hear and why they went elsewhere. Listen to what the industry is telling you. More often than not, the key to our inner values resides in the feedback of others.

3 Tips for strengthening your trust muscle

#Tip1 — Bring your impostor to sleep

It’s enough! Your talking mind should be stopped. „You are not good enough” or „you do not deserve it” or whatever thoughts should an impostor syndrome will tell you, are NOT true.

#Tip2 — Your gut feeling is your best friend

How do you feel it? How do you feel when you are working on a project? How do you feel it in your body when you do something or when you have to take a decision? Our bodies are smarter than us. Listen your gut feeling, it the best barometer you have!

#Tip3 — Ask the people around you

Give permission to the people you trust to build your trust muscle and exercise together. Working on something? Share it with your trust circle, show them the draft ideas or the final project and encourage them to give you honest feedback. And most important, ask them to keep you accountable. This is a valuable exercise for your creativity, too.

I began this article with a straightforward affirmation: people can copy what you do, but not who you are. And it’s true, I already told you my story. All this quirky-special-very-personal way we do everything is our main brick for what we want to build.

In conclusion, all you need to remember is to be yourself and start building on this. Do great work. Live great lives. Transform your passion into a profitable business. It’s easier than it looks, trust me.



Raluca Elena Rogoz

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